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March 13, 2008



looks like might find cool dresses on Ebay, though they might not be a bargain. Good luck, looking forward to the pics!


Oh I LOVE these! I had a dress like that top one as a play "dress up" dress as a little girl. I wonder if my mom still has that dress. Hrm.


You HAVE to show us what you got!


Ha! Good luck, Pink on your pouffy sojourn! I hope you find just the right pink, puffy dress! Then I think you should wear it with Mary Janes! You will be the Belle of the Ball. Hmm. Maybe you need to rat your hair and wear cat eye glasses, too, or am I confusing my decades?

Can't wait to see what you choose.


Oh, a big organza and lace pup-tent would be such a splash. I wonder where one buys a crinolin these days?

gift shopper

They are all beautiful dresses. Good luck!

be the change

ya -show those boring pretentious a-holes what real style is! I was just at a country club party in the suburbs of dc this past weekend and know how it feels. NEVER AGAIN will I be dragged to an event like that! Life is too short!

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