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April 21, 2007



Oh my,
I supported the slatwater sandal company for years with my 3 sons. The best. k

BTY am now the proud owner of a macbook pro. k


I love that apple and pear fabric. Of course, the Heather Ross fabric sundress is so cute that I want to wear it...despite the fact that I'm not nearly cute enough to pull something like that off. However, if I were Carrie Bradshaw, I'd wear it as a top and pair it with bloomers or maybe hot pants.

julie at BV

I agreen with you. we shoul support independent artists. Yes I also used those flat sandals when I was little and I used to love them.


how cute!!!
this is why i want a daughter! haha. i love the fact that you're supporting independant artists as well.


LOVE those dresses...and I totally love supporting independent artists! Thanks for the link!


Adorable! I'm going to have to fav PrettyMe in my etsy account, though I have no idea who I'd buy them for. My friends all have boys.


I got a pair of saltwater sandals every summer (as did my sister.) We loved them & I still have fond memories of them. Vastly preferrable to the Crocs.

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