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April 15, 2007



I love those red walls. Red walls are like red lipstick for your house.
I want to go home and paint now.


I LOVE her dining room!!!

Di Overton

Ah now if you live in the UK with our grey light then these colours can make you feel awful. Just be thankful you live somewhere that compliments them.


I LOVE the wall colors! As soon as I moved into my current place, I painted one of the walls in my living room red. It looks so gorgeous in the evening when the setting sun shines on it. My kitchen is great, too--eggplant on the walls with pale yellow cabinets.

But it's time for a change. Thanks for the inspiration!


I love COLOR!! Makes life more interesting. I like my house to have "life and be fun". I am a huge fan of the red dining room!!! :)

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