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April 18, 2007



They are incredibly interesting but I just couldn't see myself wearing one.


What's a cochlea? Is it medical or instect-al? I looked at her site and thought the ribcage one was pretty funny. I also like the goldfish one. Having said that, I probably wouldn't wear them, unless with all black to a party at John Waters' house.

Di Overton

You know, I need lessons in searching Etsy. I never manage to find the stuff you do. These are stunning. Thanks


Fairfax, a cochlea is the snail-like apparatus that we have in our inner ear, responsible for hearing. If you want to wear it as a necklace order HERE:

The chicken leg ain't bad, either!


Ya know, i saw the labyrinth, but didn't know what it was. Now you've told me, I do know the cochlea since i've had labyrinthitis in my ears before!


these are wonderful, I might just have to post about them! that is, if I can emerge from my posting rut..
what a great find.

jungle dream pagoda

I just got mine in the mail yesterday! I ordered the faux cameo/silouhuette called Swallows and Parasols (i think) its FABULOUS !!!!! Takes a bit to get to you though!

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