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April 19, 2007



that. is damn funny!


That's hilarious.
I have a similar problem in my house. Darling husband likes to finish off the dog's bath with my daughter's fruity American Girl shower gel. The dog and the kid should not be sharing a scent.


At least he bathes the children. :)


Okay that made me laugh outloud...


hahahah how hilarious... and at the same time, kinda sweet. I was all out of baby bath yesterday so bubs had a berry bubble bath from Body Shop. hehe

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

This was hillarious


Not just Old Spice, but Old Spice RED ZONE! How hip and trendy your kid is (and husband, I suppose)

Maryam in Marrakesh

You are so funny. Listen my seven year old is trying to get the keys to the Camaro now and he already has a hot Italian babe. And she comes from money...


Get your husband to use kiddie soap and problem solved :-) Although I'm not sure how much you'd like HIS smell then......

Di Overton

Have you noticed how awful the packaging designs are on men's toiletries? I suppose they couldn't give a stuff but it can ruin a colour scheme for a girl.
By the way please don't let your son go out with anyone called Brianna - lock him away until he's over it.


Laughing! At least you know he used soap!


LOL, you gotta love these guys!k


hahahahaha. this is so something my father did. and let me just say, as a twenty-three year-old male, that i do not use old spice.

Nunu's mum

OK, what is it with Italians and Old Spice?

was "married" to one many moons ago...

But yeah, at least you know he uses soap on 'em! When Daddy 'bathes' Nunu, there is never any sign that her face has gone anywhere near the water, his idea of bathing is sitting her down inside a barely filled tub and singing songs at the top of their lungs.

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