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April 18, 2007



I am considering buying a laptop escpecially for these....They are stunning!xoxo

Maryam in Marrakesh

Desiree is making me laugh. But I really like the top one.


Sort of like getting liposuction to fit in a special bikini from Forever 21, isn't it Desiree? Heh, heh.


Ack! I try to not actually *need* to buy things like this (I already have something that functions, if non-fashionably), but I really love the laptop bag briefcases...

I'll make a deal with myself. If I get enough etsy sales in the next to weeks to pay for one, I'll buy it.

Now I just have to pick which one I wa-- Oh, crap, I just did! I'm doomed.

Di Overton

One of each for me please in both sizes.


I like the top one too. Too bad I never carry my laptop around because it weighs a *ton*


I adore the top one too!!! Being a computer geek with a laptop these are tempting (luckily I don't bring my laptop anywhere).


I bought one of her gadget cases for my canon mini digital and i absolutely love. Now I need one of the laptop cases for my new laptop. Her work is outstanding. k

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