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April 20, 2007



Hey, Crocs are supposed to be antimicrobial and therefore not smell, is that not true?

I wouldn't know since I haven't relented and bought some yet, even though the Croc ballet flats look adorable, especially in pink. Did you hear me? They have PINK ballet flats!

Oh and I had rainbow suspenders just like Morks.


Ma, let her have the crocs. I thought I would just about DIE if I didn't get a pair of Sergio Valente or Jordache(or both)jeans not to mention all the other stuff that made my mother cringe. But she relented and hey, I consider myself a fine upstanding citizen without any anger issues (aside from the normal ones)! Looking back, Crocs will be the least of your worries. How does Mr. Pink feel about them??? My dad was the one who did the loathing anything fun that I wanted. He had very little to do with my upbringing!

I should also add that I have been wanting to get a pair of Crocs but just can't seem to buy them.


Was it my husband's cousin's daughter? or her other daughter? Cuz they came here last summer in crocs and giant hairbows and I'd never seen that before. My little nibblet's look is much more streamlined. She actually wants some wedge heeled espadrills that I think are a bit much for an 8 yr old.


I bought my almost 2 year old a pair because she tried her cousin's and they're the only shoes she can put on all by herself which is a major plus in my book. They're also spectacular airport/airline shoes because they're easy to pop on and pop off.

I say go for it on the Crocs...the gigundous bow? I'd have to say no on that one. ;)

Jane E.

Are giant bows and crocs-4-tots just a southern combo? I see it everywhere here in SC. I think the bow would be perfect with her self-styled Rosemary's Baby bangs. The crocs were going to get a no vote until I remembered my beloved Dr. Scholl's sandals from the first grade.

Mr. Pink (Casapinka's Husband)

In my humble opinion, Crocs lie a close second behind Birkenstocks and Z-Coils. There is defintely a point when American obsession with comfort becomes obscene. Something is wrong in the world when two burly men are arguing over whether green or orange Crocs are more fashionable, and whether the band should go in front or behind (so one's foot doesn't slip out when one runs.) This conversation occurred at a recent party we attended. What's wrong with a good classic pair of Church's wingtips?


But I love Crocs. Have several pairs. They're NOT tacky. Please tell me they're not tacky. But then again I did have Jellybean shoes in the late 70s.


I just became aware of the croc craze when I spent some time wth Addie a friends' 4 yr old. They were of course pink and I thought they were pretty cool. Didn't know about the smell part. They worked well at the pool. And bty if you think they smell just wait until junior takes size 12 tennis shoes off after shooting hoops. k


Oh and Pink I forgot to thank you for the nemo links. so cool. k


Haha, Lsaspacey--how about *purple* Jordache jeans?

As for the Crocs and bow, I say a little tackiness never hurt anyone.

(That said, I've been wanting Crocs because they're supposed to be very good for people with foot pain, but I haven't been able to get past their, um, distinctive 'look' personally.)


Embrace the crocs. Really - I'm potty training my little one and they are the only shoes I know you can pee on, rinse and wear again.

I realise this is a pretty niche market, but it works for us!


Nearly as bad as Birks and shoes for adults with velcro closings. And don't even get me started on the z-coil! I saw someone this morning with them on and almost laughed aloud!


Crocs on kids (for Jo: not adults, at least not past the boundaries of your yard) is fine - just don't let her wear 'em with socks. Big fashion faux-pas. The bow thing though thankfully hasn't made it's way up here. I would steer her away from that. EEK. Reminds me of the bonnets my friend in first grade used to wear that I just HAD to have. Yep, bonnets.

Anonymous (not really Jo)

I believe Jo has fabulous taste. If you own crocs then you should own several. I hope she wears hers in public! Go Jo!!


No WAY. No Crocs here! Juniorette loves the Salt water sandals that I posted so that's what we're going for.

Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy

Please let her have her Crocs-she's a little girl only once! And give her the bow too! She wants to express herself!


jordache jeans, dittos or chemin de fers. always some kind of jeans i couldn't get... there was always some fad that i wasn't part of. :)

but crocs are an easy thing to give in on. you can earn a few points when you have to say no to something more important. i say let her have both, but with some kind of conversation about being her own special person. just to throw it in there. :)

i have to say i don't mind that level of kid-fad. at least not yet. jack can't insist that he have jordache diapers yet.


I am sooooo grateful my mom didn't let me wear 1) jelly shoes and 2) moccasins. I really wanted them but she told me 'no' (I'm sure tackiness was her reasoning tho I can't recall if she explicitly said.) I'd go for the bow over the shoes *any day.*

jungle dream pagoda

Not into Crocs,BUT, in the scheme of things there not that bad,and they have some fun little gew-gaws you can add to them. thankfully my big baby hates em' and there not on the little ones radar!

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