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April 23, 2007



There is something exotic and magical about parasols - I couldn't agree more.

I like them on the ceiling, it definitely creates a new environment.

julie at BV

I love the picture of the Wynn Hotel. You are right the colours make me feel happy too.


Check out Urban Outfitters, they have parasol lights on sale right now. Here's a link to one (there are 3 varieties, I think)

Can't wait to see the finished product!


Hanging a parasol over Juniorette's bed, like a canopy, would be precious. And, if you draped tule from the parasol to the floor, surrounding the bed (with an opening, of course), it would give her a private get-away space that's fit for a princess...especially with lots of pink pillows.


Love love the parasol lights at the Wynn hotel. How fun and guess what? I'm going to Las Vegas monday for the contemporary Art and Craft Show. Can't wait to be snapping pics. k


Of course, parasols in tropical drinks are always fun!


Great photos pink. Take your lead from them. Colours are amazing particularly that last one.


Wow - you make me want to go shopping in Chinatown. Parasols are so damn cute.

Di Overton

There's nothing like an old parchment parasol with light shining through it. Great idea.

Delaney Gates

Just stumbled upon your blog... Thought I'd say hello. :) Ah, I love parasols too... *sigh*

Maryam in Dhaka

So very fun! Loving the idea of the parasols on the ceiling!


Radiant post! Loved it...


I love the shot with the monks; those colors are so great.

It'd be great to work some of these photos into the room... not sure how you'd do it, though.


LOVE this post! It made me smile, especially the hotel photo!

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