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April 10, 2007



Congrats! I would probably also put a fish in a waterford bowl and think nothing of it.

The jewelry is astonishing. I'd wear these with jeans just to bely their dignity.


What a great venetian looking hotel room, so romantic! Your husband sounds like a great guy and you bring some spice to his life. Why not have your waterford and your goldfish too? What a fabulous idea!


Aww, how sweet and fabulous. Congratulations on your anniversary.
Now, were you not infusing the bowl with LIFE by adding fish to crystal? Sounds like reverence to me.


Today's my parents' 54th anniversary. I hope you and Mr. Pink are married as long.


Congrats mr and mrs Pink!!!!Hope you have a wonderful day together!xoxo d


Congrats and you display those flutes with pride!


Don't knock the Waterford Champagne flutes...I had a set sent to me from Ireland for my wedding! Lucky you got to get married in Ireland and engaged in Paris! How cute that he lapses into a Texas accent. :) Happy Anniversary!

Maryam in Marrakesh

Dear Pink,
Aw, c'mon, that is so sweet! The love of a good man is hard to find. Even if he doesn't wear jeans! I find jeans very sexy - so if it were me, I would have to stage a revolt:-)


Di Overton

Congratulations. Oh those romantic Irish who do everything at the same pace they pour a Guiness, slowly but perfectly. Is this the same man who loved those brown cushions?


Thanks, all! Yes, this is the one and the same brown pillow loving gentleman. It's nice to have a man who knows what he likes, even if it is Waterford champagne flutes (it was that collection from the nineties, a new set each year...hearts, then something else...until you have about a thousand flutes.) I WILL find a way to display them (or at least drink from them) in our new fuchsia dining room!


So he HAS agreed to the fuchsia dining room?

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