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April 25, 2007



Ruh-roh! Another Blythe convert! It's a dangerous addiction!

Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy

I think she's scary! Her head is way too big-maybe she has water on the brain? What other explanation can there be?


It's true, Flights of FFF, but her amazing wardrobe makes up for it. You can't dislike someone for a bit of hydrocephalus. Her face seems shiny as well and I read that one person sandpapered it to matte! Rachelle, whatever you know, you're going to have to spill!


I don't have room in my life for another hobby/obsession. And yet, Blythe could really make me go there. You're not helping!


Wow, I had no idea. I would love to design clothes and sets for Blythe no matter how big her head is. very cool, k


I don't want to own a Blythe...I want to BE a Blythe. Come on, she's adorable...great clothes, kicky accessories and multiple eye colors. Curse this normal-sized head of mine.


Though I must say I find the whole idea of grown women playing with dolls faintly disturbing, that Blythe salon is very,very,VERY cool...


Welcome to the world of Blythe!!!! I love her to bits,mine look kind of neglected right now because I am so busy doing other things.But I was just saying to my daughters that I am going to make my girls something new soon!So glad we can talk Blythe!!!!!xoxo D


She'll do ok, since "never eat anything bigger than your head" is a whole new level of dieting for her.

Love Blythe.

How do you have any time with a baby to do anything? It's the same thing I've said to other wonderfully creative bloggers who actually seem to have an hour to themselves...


THEY HAVE COOLER FURNITURE THEM ME!! lol Very Cool!! I collect toys from the 80's,...its fun to collect cute colorful things. Makes me smile.


Blythe dolls scary the shit out of me. Those eyes, they look like they will definitely come to life if given the chance!


i don't really like the dolls myself. however, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the furniture sets. always wanted to deck out a dolls house but leave out the dolls :P

Di Overton

I would love to spend a day in that mind of yours.


My intro to Blythe dolls came at Borders, when I saw a little photo book with "Blythe" splashed in big letters across the cover, above a photo of this quirkly little doll gazing at me with her giant eyes. Of course, I did a double take - it isn't often that I see my name printed anywhere besides an attendance roster or cedit card bill, etc. Once I took a closer look, I was hooked! It's nice to have my name attached to something so fabulous ;) And I have to say...that furniture is amaaaaazing. The book was by Gina Garan, btw, who is probably greatly responsible for the "Blythe" revival. They did a cute interview with her at Fred Flare, have you seen it?

Maryam in Marrakesh

I had never heard of these dolls until you! But I am finding that red riding hood esp fetching:-)


Great info, thanks a lot!!! I wish I will have such a writing skills.

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