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March 21, 2007



ok so what exactly are you asking for? at the moment the room is looking quite cute to me (in my head!) cool pale yellow walls and that PBK yellowy roses bedclothes for your girl... are u doing the trim of the room in white? hmm. can u get some handy man to create you a long shadowbox? like long... and maybe wallpaper the back of the shadowbox in some housey print and stick those dress dolls in there? the blocks i dunno :P

Di Overton

Sorry for not posting comments lately but I am in Paris and the internet is not treating me well. Back to England later today so hopefully I will be back to normal. There has to be a price to pay for being in such a wonderful place!


LOVE the parasol hanging in the corner! I've wanted to do this so many times but it's just never fit with our other things. Lovely.


the parasol hanging in the corner is a clever idea. and i love the asian painting on the wall nearby.


Like the parasol and the bedding. Something like these in yellow & green might work for the little guy's bedding.


I love the way you have hung the parasol and also lemon yellow walls sound great. Personally I think you should make the white duvet yourself. The pink is not bad but I think white would look more fresh.

And for the boy perhaps something more neutral? I like the combnation of lemon yellow and pale blue/turqoise. And there seem to be little bits of blue in the floral print so it might match nicely. The star bedding in the last link by Jessica is also pretty.

I hope you figure it out! It sounds great so far.


I love the parasol in the corner. Maybe I should do that with mine.

how about this for lil dude?


Jessica, I really love the idea of the gingham - thanks for these links. It might look manly enough but still coordinate with the bedding.

Laura - I sort of think the same about the freshness of the white but I definitely needed a second opinion.

I just realized that I didn't credit the Flickr photographer with the parasol - this is now fixed.

Drey - I'm hoping to get a big shadowbox made (if I can't find one) for the paper dolls.

Thank you all for taking the time to comment.


I also like the white best, and I agree with Jessica's ideas to use coordinating colors in a gingham or stripe. Maybe you could get an extra sheet or fabric in Jr's selected pattern to use as the flip side to the floral duvet cover?


Ooooh, great idea Jane. I was thinking dust ruffle for that but it wasn't sitting right. SUPER!

scrappy girl

Hi- How did you get that parasol hung like that? I tried it and it didn't work.


I love the parasol and the geisha. I am especially enamoured with the birds on the parasol. I think these might go better in your entryway than in the kiddie's room. I read that it is good feng shui to have representations of birds by your entrance. Also, I think these would go very well with your fab cherry blossoms that you painted.


I was about to say go with white floral but I am so in love with pink for anything/everything that I am now leaning that way. And the parasol is a great idea - would be great with that asian art you posted.


Oh, yeah, Kiminottawa, that asian artwork from yesterday would look swell in that room (tee hee)

*disclaimer: pink is not responsible for the shameless self-promotional content of this comment.


Kiwi - gotta commend you on the artwork although you shamelessly gave yourself your own plug. :) I love them - Pink did buy some right??!!


I love the parasol! I like the white version of the duvet cover. My kids had yellow walls and crisp white trim in their room when they were younger, it looked fantastic.


I'm waiting to see a post about how to wallpaper a filing cabinet. I've tried and failed miserably!

Ashley Moseley

I've been "lurking" as they say for a while now and I love your decorating style! Anyway, I think the white duvet cover would be great...very fresh! Also, maybe stripes for Jr's side? And I *LOVE* the sweet for little ones!

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