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December 12, 2006


nunu's mum

Hullo there Pink! or as they say here in my neck o'the woods - Ayeup duck! (I think that means what's up duck? don't ask...=})

Thanks for dropping by my blog and making your brand spanking new blog known to me! =)

I see you've got an ongoing project here, how exciting!

Anyway, just dropped by to say hi and will catch you again soon!

PS I know what you mean about mass produced items for gifts, they are so heart-breakingly soulless aren't they? (Of course I'm not talking about Birkin bags! case my darling husband stumbles upon this...=) The top rolodex is soo funky! love it!


Love this...I know what you mean. Lately all I want to do is buy people prints, etsy finds, and other craftacular items. I think it is more personal and just makes the Holidays special!

Maryam in Marrakesh

That top rolodex rocks! Nice, nice find!!


ok i LOVE that!!!

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