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March 06, 2008



oh man. please tell me this is not a phase all children go through. my condolences on the stink. That sweater is just fabulous though:)


So this is why Pink hasn't been blogging (I keep checking and checking for updates) -- she HAS had her hands full...

He's lookin more and more Irish with each photo...and full of the dickins, too.


As a 3 year old philosopher once told me after a similar incident: Poop is not a game.


He is just too cute! My parents tell me I did the same thing when I was in my crib one day - they said it was the first medium I worked in! Kind of embarrassing, to say the least! Maybe he'll be an artist? Would you perhaps be interested in exchanging links?

Miss Mabel

Better get him back to the soft cat food.

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