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February 04, 2008



Seriously, a fashion sacrifice?! These are her formative years.


in my sister's house they were called sparklyredshoes... all run together. when we couldn't find her sparklyredshoes, we got the child gold sparklyredshoes.


D. has the red Dorothy shoes too. They've been through 2 cousins already and are seriously thread bare. Every time I get her close to considering retiring the hideous things, a stranger at a store tells her they are beautiful.
Then she feels all the more vidicated in wearing them at all times in all weather. I never thought about using religious guilt! Good one!


Ha! I had those shiny red shoes too! No one could have taken them away from me.

Your posts regarding your children are getting more and more delightful. Your sense of humor really shines when you talk of them.

I think Juniorette should give up trips to Alabama for lent! Ha, ha!


wow how did that make u feel!? gee... how our children get us in trouble hehehehe

(btw, did u get my reply to your email? i never know which ones get swallowed by your Junk Folder!)

Babs in north bridgton

As a lifelong Catholic (more and less) I've always told my kids it's more important to do something positive (random act of kindness and/or community service) than to "give up" anything. Tell her to be extra nice to the little brother for a day (or hour), that should do it.
Tell her it's about shining up your Karma Love Babs

(((((HUGS)))))  sandi

HA HA HA HA! This tickled my funny bone! ((((HUGS))))) sandi


Well quite. Getting anyone to give up shiny red shoes is evil. Pure evil.

Shoe Compare

Now that's quite the sacrifice! :)


LOL! Priceless!

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