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February 11, 2008



Oh my!! I LOVE that sweater!! I'm expecting myself, and would love to knit one for my baby-to-be. Are you using a pattern, or are you one of those clever knitters who can make things like that up as you go?


Just wanted to clarify - I think BOTH sweaters are smashing, but the skull vest in particular is making me green with envy.


He's getting so big! That's what happens when you have an older sister. I wish my little girl would play with those things but since she has older brothers she goes for the army men and swords!

drey from bijou kaleidoscope

i like the vest you're knitting for him it's ballsy

he looks actually really good in your shoes :)


Aw, he's so cute!


I hear you! It's even worse at our house... my son has 2 older sisters, and he's constantly walking around in girl's shoes, boots, my heels, trying on their underwear, carrying our purses. I feel so bad for him, he's surrounded by girl stuff, and knows no better. I've added a picture to my Flickr that illustrates this, just for you. Enjoy!


Ha, ha... Pink I really believe you could write an Erma Bombeck style of book about your kids. You are hilarious when you talk about them.

Not to worry about Junior's masculinity. My baby brother (now a very large, very macho high-ranking military official) used to obligingly let me put him in my baby carrier, put ribbons in his hair, wear my shoes, etc. It's just part of having a big sister.


Junior is gorgeous!hope you are doing well and enjoying your weekend!xoxo


He's so cute! He wears the colors beautifully and not bad on the purse choice either! ;-)

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