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March 22, 2007



Thank you. I can't wait to try this. I need to talk hubby into it first.


Husband was actually quite impressed with mine. Now if I had made a move to his wood veneer filing cabinets, THAT would have been a different story!


What is it with men and their wood? Oh, see what I did there?


Thanks for posting this... wonder if i could do it with my rolls of vintage wall paper, which are hankering to be used for something creative.


Fairfax, I would certainly try. I just ordered some as well off Ebay to work on a dresser. Try a small piece on the back and see if it works!


You are quite the artist mrs Pink!

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

Wow...this is really a job well done...I`m so impressed
Thanx for the tutorial...I`m gonna try it...have 2 in my creative space...UGLY...but I can`t go without them!!!!


this is great. i might try this with some vintage metallic wallpaper i've got sitting around. the black filing cabinets i have are just so hideous as they are now. ugh.


This looks so cool, and I've been looking for a solution to ugly file cabinets for so long! But 2 questions: 1. Does it matter what kind of metal file cabinet you start with/are there any you recommend? 2. When you make mistakes, retreat to vodka and then return to the task - is it hard to fix what you've messed up? Like do you have to sand off the glue and start over or what? Much thanks for a great idea!


awesome job. i'm wondering the same as big of a job is it to remove this stuff. i'm thinking that this would be an awesome change for my office which is basically LINED in lateral file cabinets, but only if it can be removed without damage to the file cabinets. do you know?

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