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December 09, 2006


Maryam in Marrakesh

You are so crafty!!! And what a great use of Barbie bandaids.

PS Can I say that I love your shoes? Tell us more about them.


i am not thought annoyed by the whole thing maybe because the whole craze has decided to diversify in the woodland creature department.

Deers, sparrows, owls, what is next the possum?

(thanks for your comments on my blog, i look forward to chatting with you in the future


Maryam, these are my favorite shoes EVER. I guess I'm like the mom who makes everyone look at her boring kid photos, so I surreptitiously inlcuded the shoes. I shall do entire post on them just for YOU.

And Jessica, the next craze will not actually be a woodland creature. It is starting to be cuckoo clocks and will then move to Russian nesting dolls. I shall prepare a post on both for you because education on both matters is vital.


that's great!


Wow, now I'm itching to make one...

Billy Blogger

Nice, simple craft but really effective. Great stuff! I have linked to this post from my blog at

David Marsh

The instructions above are wonderful if you've got a premade lampshade to roll and trace. However, my problem is somewhat different. I have three metal rings that I want to make a shade from (I'll be covering them with a handmade paper), but I don't know how to determine the size of the cone to create for the covering. Since my handmade paper is at something of a premium I don't want to screw it up and run myself out of the one of a kind covering.

I've got something of an idea but if this site is active at all and I can get a confirmation somewhat soon I would greatly appreciate it.

What I am thinking might be my answer is to take each of the rings, mark a starting point on them with some masking tape or such, roll the ring in a circle marking its path while rolling, making certain to stop at the starting point. The amount of space between the resulting concentric circles should then determine the pitch or angle of the cone that will result when the paper is attached to each of the rings; a short space would produce a flatter cone and a longer space a gentler taper.

Anyway...that's the idea. Can someone tell me whether it's going to work?

Thank you so much!

David Marsh

David Marsh

Well, I figured out my own confirmation....

That was really stupid, no that will not work.


Craftsmanship is not a boat from Sears. This is "crafty" in the preschool sense.

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